Rotary Road Clean Up
We need to care for our planet and keep our community clean.
2x a year we walk the Susquehanna Trail from the Mason Dixon Line to Strawberry Fields picking up trash.  You are welcome to join us any time!
We have also partnered with Penn-DOT, the New Freedom VFW, New Freedom Lions, and Shrewsbury Lions to help keep our new Shrewsbury Exit 4 Interchange beautiful through trash removal and minor landscaping maintenance.  
Lastly, we are honoring our veterans and the existing 100 year old sycamore trees lined along the Susquehanna Trail by planting 200 more trees from the Mason Dixon Line to Jacobus, PA.  We have planted 59 so far with plans to plant more this Spring and Fall!  We could use your help!  Contact us to find out how!  All trees and future maintenance is funded through contributions and donations - no tax payer dollars are involved!